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Improve the Self-Service Experience


Presented By: Aspect

According to the 2017 Aspect Consumer Experience Index, automated assistants are now a routine part of nearly half of consumers’ lives. In fact, over half of Millennials surveyed would rather interact with an intelligent assistant for customer service than speak to someone on the phone.

Aspect CXP 18 is designed to create dynamic self-service applications that enable frictionless customer-company interactions across any and all interactive voice response (IVR) and digital self-service channels. This latest iteration of CXP includes enhanced features for chatbot developers, making it easier for organizations to meet consumer demands for sophisticated self-service. 

The preference for a self-service customer experience, has many companies striving to provide a successful customer journey.  Aspect CXP empowers developers to deploy a single solution for speech, web and text interfaces as well as virtual assistants and chatbots.  And, because Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is already a part of the solution, CXP is quite a powerful tool. 

As consumer familiarity with chatbots increases, organizations are finding new and unique ways to integrate chatbots into their customer support operations.  CXP makes it easy for developers to design and deploy basic and complex digital assistants. 

CXP is the foundation for implementing and maintaining a personalized IVR system that has a positive impact on first-contact resolution rates – freeing up your contact center agents to address more complex problems. This improves customer and agent experiences while also lowering overall contact center operating costs. 

Aspect’s Modern IVR solution helping companies make the most of IVR capabilities to meet customer expectations. Aspect IVR systems are purpose built to provide a personalized customer experience while maximizing call center IVR containment. Single tier pricing results in a very economical per minute cost, and an easily customizable user interface eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming IT intervention.

Our Modern IVR solution includes tools to ensure every customer interaction is meaningful. Modern IVR makes it possible to:   

  • Preserve context across channels
  • Predict call intent based on recent transactions
  • Adapt to each caller's experience level
  • Proactive outreach for notifications and reminders
  • Mobile IVR solutions including Visual IVR and Text2IVR for ease of use
  • In-Queue Self-Service and Callback
Improve your self-service customer experience with chatbots and Modern IVR.