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West Uses its Extensive Call Center Management Experience to Design a Superior Cloud Contact Center Solution


Presented By: West

To earn the type of customer loyalty that engenders repeat business and referrals, every interaction that a company’s agents have with consumers needs to be transparent, simple and helpful.  Maintaining absolute security in all transactions is also a necessity.  An ICMI study reveals that 74% of customers are currently using three or more channels to both make inquiries and complete purchases from the companies with which they do business. And according to research by Deloitte, 92% of organizations that view customer experience as a differentiator now offer multiple contact channels.  This means businesses need to ensure that the same high standard of service and transaction safety consistently applies on every touch point.

One of the most important ways to deliver a superior customer experience is to implement the right cloud-based contact center solution. Ideally, it should be a flexible system with the capacity to manage diverse call flows for customer acquisition, service, retention and collections while providing insightful reporting and forecasting to keep costs down.  Equally important, the solution needs to break down data silos that prevent agents from delivering exceptional service. An effective platform also provides the capability to blend, route, and manage multi-channel interactions, including voice, and text and ultimately, chat and email as well. Another critical consideration is limiting risk, mitigating fraud threats, and ensuring information security. Performance optimization, including agent management, training, recording capability and desktop support, rounds out the picture.  

West Corporation puts all of these elements together-- and more--in its Cloud Contact Center (CCC).  The company has been a voice technology leader for nearly 30 years, but is perhaps best known for its past history of running a synchronous contact center business. With its firsthand call center management experience, West recognizes the challenges faced by enterprise organizations. The company has already helped countless operations implement and manage the technologies needed to address their unique requirements.  

According to Forrester, 35% of companies have plans for expanding contact center functions to the cloud and expanding home agent programs over the next 12 months. West’s CCC focuses on providing businesses with the improved flexibility they require. It can be integrated within current technology environments and is designed to enable agents to work anytime and anywhere. The solution offers multi-channel integration and routing that is equally effective for coordinating agents in multiple call centers as well as those working from home. Advanced routing capabilities include geographic and skills-based options.

West also believes that contact center agents do not have to be tethered to a single type of call. Call blending functionality allows businesses to combine inbound service with outbound customer care, effectively eliminating agent idle time. During periods of low call volume, agents can be assigned to outbound campaigns for proactive customer care.

West CCC provides an intuitive 360-degree view into contact center administration, monitoring and reporting. Businesses that partner with West can implement leading communication technologies, which can be integrated with existing processes to develop strategies for customer engagement and workforce management.  This enables clients to optimize results with technical advancements and business intelligence. Performance and workforce management features include: Agent Management, Recording and Desktop Support, Reporting and Data Analytics and more.

Nine out of 10 US consumers have made a payment by phone. West Secure, powered by Eckoh, is an exclusive voice solution to protect customers by eliminating all sensitive numeric data in a business environment, including databases, networks, call recordings and contact centers. When customers provide their credit card or other sensitive numeric information over the phone, agents can typically see or hear that information or otherwise have to disrupt the call recording to discreetly obtain it. This can create a fraud risk within and outside the contact center. But with West Secure, credit card details, bank routing numbers, Social Security numbers, private health information and other sensitive data can all be safely gathered..   

West considers itself to be more than simply a technology vendor. Their dedicated client services team takes the time to learn each organization’s business and understand the priorities and customer base.to provide a customer-centric approach. West provides a long-term consultative business partnership and acts as a stakeholder in the success of clients’ businesses.   

West is presenting a free 60 minute workshop in October providing attendees a better understanding of how your contact center currently stacks up.