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Avaya is a Powerful, Affordable Workforce Optimization Solution for Midsize Organizations


Presented By: Avaya

Getting the best possible performance out of front line personnel is a critical element of delivering the kind of superior customer engagement experience that helps keep companies stay competitive. Midsize players, businesses with contact center operations (20 and 750 seats), have faced two major obstacles in implementing the type of workforce optimization solution that could make a real difference.

“Traditional WFO solutions have always been both expensive and difficult to deploy,” said Mike Butts, Director of Product Marketing, KnoahSoft. “Up until now, only enterprise companies could take on the costs and handle the complexity.”  Avaya, the global customer and team engagement provider which acquired KnoahSoft in April, 2015, has adapted the technology the WFO specialist originally developed for its widely used Harmony workforce optimization platform to create Avaya Workforce Select. The recently launched product is specifically focused on offering midsized businesses an affordable, simple to deploy, and intuitive alternative that enables a wide range of insights into the customer experience.

Avaya Workforce Optimization Select gives companies the capability to capture and analyze voice and non-voice customer interactions with a scalable, flexible, and secure recording platform. The platform helps to determine where excellent service is delivered as well as pinpoint situations where changes are necessary.By leveraging interaction data, these previously underserved organizations can make informed decisions on enhancements to service processes, policies, and agent practices.

The solution can be immediately and seamlessly integrated with all Avaya contact center platforms. Existing customers can deploy the solution within a compressed timeframe with minimal business disruption. Our customers are very excited about this new product,” said Butts. “Eight of 10 companies in the business world are defined as midsized and this gives them the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of capabilities that had previously been beyond their means. These contact centers can now define their own rules as well as enjoy the benefits of greater security with 256-bit encryption.”

In addition, the call recording simplifies call center compliance with the regulatory requirements of PCI DSS, HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. A pause-and-resume feature helps ensure confidentiality, redacting sensitive customer information such as social security and credit card numbers as well as health records from call and screen recordings. Workforce Select will also offer effective mechanisms to help improve agent performance, agent loyalty, and customer satisfaction with targeted coaching plans and eLearning courses to help build knowledge, efficiency, and productivity.

These advanced capabilities are available in the Workforce Optimization Select QM edition, the top of the line version of the solution. Companies can also choose the Recorder edition, which only provides call recording or the Standard edition, which allows supervisors to monitor live calls on a web browser and see agent screen captures in real time. “We want to give companies choices that make the best financial sense for their needs,” said Butts.

While interface has been redesigned, the feature sets are essentially the same as KnoahSoft Harmony, which will continue to be marketed under its own name to non-Avaya customers with systems from other providers such as Cisco. However, a few of these capabilities are still in the process of being integrated with performance and speech analytics are expected to be available over the coming months and post-call survey tools, coaching and training and enhanced mobile access expected in 2017.

The solution is already in use by a growing number of early adaptors, and Avaya sees a plentiful supply of potential users in the pipeline. “We’re very proud to note that Avaya Workforce Optimization Select is the first branded solution resulting from the acquisition of KnoahSoft,” said Butts. “While it’s currently an on-premise solution only, we’re looking into making it available in the cloud as well.”