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NICE inContact Analytics Provides Actionable Insight from Every Voice, Email, and Chat Interaction

NICE inContact

Presented By: NICE inContact

It’s one of the mysteries of the ages in contact center operations. Why does one group of customers consistently praise the service they receive while another group does nothing but submit negative feedback? What causes such wildly diverse reactions in what seems to be similar customer experiences? There are obvious suspects: skill, attitude and training of the agents involved, time of day, what channel of communication is being used and the mindset of the customer all play a role. However, it is often difficult to correlate these factors and consistently track the information to attribute the true causes of customer unhappiness and make the corrections necessary to effect change.

To achieve the progress that often eludes them, organizations need a comprehensive analytics solution. Such a platform should possess the capabilities to analyze both voice and text interactions, identify pain points based on customer sentiment and discussion topics within conversations; pinpoint where the best opportunities for improvement exist and offer guideposts on what steps need to be taken.

NICE inContact Analytics is designed to provide actionable insights from every customer voice, email, and chat interaction with an analysis customized for each channel type. Offering this level of in-depth analysis enables companies to clearly comprehend what transpired, identify outcomes, and evaluate customer conversations to guide effective initiatives that can spur measurable improvement in both customer experience and agent performance. By offering highly accurate results and visualizations, it provides an intuitive, quantifiable understanding of how every interaction influences business results.

This updated multi-tenant, auto-scaling cloud platform is an integral part of the NICE inContact Customer Interaction Cloud and brings an impressive list of features to the table, including:

  • Pre-integration with the NICE inContact Omnichannel ACD for seamless access to interaction recordings 
  • Unified user administration, look-and-feel, and configuration with the NICE inContact platform 
  • The ability to search interactions on all touch points for any word or phrase used by customers or agents 
  • The selectivity to filter and correlate results by contact type, date/time, duration, and other metadata fields  
  • 100% call transcription of voice interactions  
  • Replay of recordings with annotated results to quickly locate tagged segments  
  • Sentiment analysis revealing perceptions of both customers and agents to quickly see how positively or negatively every interaction is being handled 
  • Automatic categorization of interactions to identify common themes, such as agent performance, customer contact purpose, contact priority and more 
  • Configurable dashboards with drag-and-drop customization that allows users to display only the reports and widgets that they wish to see 
  • Text-based routing to intelligently route emails by their language, topic, or sentiment 

Perhaps the most tangible benefit of NICE inContact Analytics is the opportunity it presents to more effectively coach and train agents.  Since it enables supervisors to rapidly recognize interactions with desirable and undesirable agent behaviors, the time they save in the identification process can be used to proactively improve performance and reinforce best practices. Instead of trying to randomly decide which topics to discuss, supervisors and managers can determine targeted coaching topics and training needs for every agent based on their specific interactions with customers and the resulting business outcomes. They can also help increase the number of positive interactions by pinpointing interactions for investigation using sentiment analysis and topic detection. The ability to identify sentiment in individual interactions will help agents to better understand what makes customers happy or causes frustration. This makes it easier for trainers to address knowledge gaps and guide agents to achieve a higher level of empathy with customers across all touch points. 

 NICE inContact Analytics also can make a measurable impact on improving compliance. By examining all recorded interactions to detect the presence or absence of key phrases, quality teams will be aware of the occurrence of non-compliant actions in near real time and can proactively resolve them before they become ongoing issues. The solution can also enhance revenue generation by focusing on interactions where up-sell/cross-sell opportunities were missed and demonstrating the approaches that worked from successful interactions.