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  • Conversation Intelligence Vendors Report

    Conversation Intelligence Vendors Report

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  • Breaking the Chains of WFM Paradigm for Dummies

    Breaking the Chains of WFM Paradigm for Dummies

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  • The future of CX has arrived - Meet Enlighten, the Trusted AI for Business

    The future of CX has arrived - Meet Enlighten, the Trusted AI for Business

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Executive Interviews

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Cogito Joshua Feast, CEO and Co- founder

Sheri Greenhaus, CrmXchange, discussed Cogito with Joshua Feast, CEO and Co- founder at Cogito, which offers a real-time guidance system for call centers.

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Sprinklr Ken Madrigal, Senior Director

In an interview with Sheri Greenhaus, Ken Madrigal, Senior Director at Sprinklr, discussed the unique capabilities of their customer experience management platform.

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Mosaicx Intelligent Virtual Agent

Sheri Greenhaus, CrmXchange, met with Rebecca Jones, GM, Brian Bremer, Senior Solutions Sales Executive, and Matt Whitmer, CRO, Mosaicx during CCW 2023. Mosaicx is a cloud-based solution that leverages conversational AI to provide exceptional customer service.

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