The most advanced voice biometrics solution developed by VoicePIN.com experts and designed to provide end users of banks, call centers and IVR help desks with the greatest comfort and safety. Using unique voice characteristics, VoicePIN allows to access every personal data without the necessity of remembering burdensome logins or passwords as well as completely reduces the risk of data hijacking and identity theft. VoicePIN can be provided both on premise and as a SaaS - solution.

- quick and convenient login procedure – no PIN, passwords, tokens, or complex login algorithms;

- shorter time and lower costs of customer service: biometric identity verification takes only a few seconds, much less than entering a PIN or a token code;

- unified verification process – the same identity verification type can by used for various communication channels: both over the phone and on the Internet;

- the highest level of security: unauthorized access attempts monitoring and automatic unauthorized users blocking;

- voice authorization relieves consultants by shortening user identification time to the minimum, which results in tangible financial gains in the area of your Call Center maintenance.
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