Customer Relationship Management Academy of Asia

Accelerating Customer Retention

CRMAA spotlights on the key factors driving the growth of the Customer service markets, to include maintenance of enduring relationships, understanding the changing needs and offering personalized solutions to customers. The markets today has demonstrated a shift to being more customer-centric in nature, considering clients as valuable assets. The challenge here for every businesses is to adapt to the new reality and be able to take advantage of growth when the upturn happens.

CRMAA is offering more than a just software application as it intends to provide holistic business solution for all customer-centric processes. The purpose of this enterprise is to make accessible to all modern customer service and CRM tools to help the member organisations to grow and be profitable in the competitive market place and to do so in a credible manner.

CRMAA has embarked on a well thought out plan to move the industry to the next phase and to empower its members to be globally compatible through a series of skills enhancement, certification, and knowledge pursuit programs in the areas of Customer service, experience and CRM. The main intention of CRMAA is to bring to fore multiple benefits to its members in the areas of professional advancement, research and development, statistical studies and specific growth areas.
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L 4/17 DLF Phase II
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