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DYL offers an all-in-one sales automation solution designed specifically to enable productivity by combining your phone system and CRM systems, and can be easily integrated into a company’s infrastructure instantly. DYL has taken four main services: lead management, dialing, texting and a complete business phone system and turned into one easily accessible sales automation platform.

Call Tracking: Keep track of every call to and from the business
Campaign Dialer: Enable a team to achieve their fullest sales potential by generating over 100 calls per hour, per sales agent

Virtual Receptionist: Flexible voice prompts to direct calls to the right place, so you never miss an opportunity for a sale
Professional Phones: Receive a free top-of-the-line VoIP phone with every DYL seat purchased

Voicemail: Receive voicemail messages directly into an email inbox, and support an unlimited amount of company-wide voicemail boxes

Phone Numbers: Port in existing phone numbers or get new numbers

Faxing: Integrate inbound and outbound faxing so that every fax is logged properly and sent as a PDF to your email address

With DYL’s complete bundled offering, agents can have the best and most efficient experience in sales automation. And now, DYL is also offering SMS text messaging as an add-on to the DYL sales automation suite.

With DYL SMS text messaging through VoIP, agents can send text messages to leads from the same phone number they have been calling them from for added efficiency and less confusion. Plus, this is all managed through the same platform, so no toggling between devices and screens.

With the DYL platform, you’ll have all the benefits a VoIP system can provide, plus a sophisticated Lead Management and Campaign Dialer system built into our DYL VoiceTM platform.
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