Call recording, search and analysis

Every day businesses miss opportunities to discover the critical intelligence hidden within the conversations they’re having with customers.

CallFinder is an innovative call recording and speech analytics application that allows you to easily record and analyze customer conversations to generate more business, retain customers, work more effectively, and gather critical business intelligence.

CallFinder locates spoken phrases within call recordings in real time, and identifies and categorizes calls that cover business challenges like:

• Customer Satisfaction
• Marketing Effectiveness
• Script / Regulatory Compliance
• Dispute Resolution
• Business and Competitive Intelligence
• Workforce Training
• Agent Performance
• Quality Assurance Risk Management

CallFinder Speech Analytics Provides Your Business With:
• Call recordings of every conversation in real time
• Call categorization in real time, based on search definitions
• A simple dashboard to create, edit, and manage searches
• Web-based speech analytics software; no hardware or software installations are required
• Top-line search statistics such as number of calls found, and number of calls that contain a specific search phrase
• The ability to schedule daily reports of CallFinder search performance to track trends
• Intelligent, phoneme-based system that recognizes slang, accents, and symbols
• Email delivery of statistical reports

CallFinder is:
• Valuable – identifies problems and opportunities in real time
• Affordable – no upfront investment, no software or hardware installation necessary
• Accessible – web-based, intuitive, and accompanied by one-on-one support

How CallFinder Works:
CallFinder’s patent-pending technology records and searches customer conversations in real time based on the custom search phrases you designate. CallFinder scans incoming calls as they occur and provides almost instant access to not only those calls that match your criteria, but also pinpoints exactly where in the conversation the phrase occurs.
This advanced system provides your business with the immediate access to critical business intelligence. Additionally, CallFinder provides statistical and trending analysis, as well as the ability to share findings through daily scheduled reports.

Technical Details:
Web-based recording and analytics solution; no external vendors, hardware or software necessary!
• Proprietary, patent-pending, search algorithms
• Intelligent, phoneme-based search engine
• Unlimited search phrase capability

System Capabilities:
• Automatically searches 100% of call recordings in real-time
• Analyzes thousands of calls in minutes
• Searches both new and historical audio recordings

Additional Call Tracking Tools and Reports:
We go beyond recording and analyzing your calls. With our suite of 18 real time call tracking reports, you capture essential customer information and call pattern metrics. Additional call tracking reports include:
• Employee Codes
• Campaign & Media Summary Call Detail
• Addresses & Demographics Hourly, Daily, & Call Duration Analysis
• Repeat & Unique Callers Detail Missed Call Monitor & Alerts

Learn More About CallFinder:
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