Driving Customer Experience

Celtycs help companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer operations. We are based out of Bangalore, India and have serviced more than 80 clients in India and globally, including Fortune 50 companies in the last 13 years. We do this with a range of Service Offerings and Enterprise class cloud-based technology solutions. 

Our key product offerings are:

SOCIOLYZE: Customer insights from Social Media

      It continously analyzis the data from all channels of social media, and tells you about:

      - Your customers: What customers are talking about? Why are they happy with you or unhappy?

      - Your competitors: Are your customers talking about competitors along with you? What are they comparing?

      - Your operations: Are you responding to all customers on all social media channels? How much time are you          taking to reply? How much time to resolve? Are they happy with your resolution?


FYI: Knowledge Management/Repository and Call guidance tool

It helps you:

-  Reduce AHT: by providing instant information to Front Line Staff (FLS) during interaction for each reason of contact by customer

-  Reduce Repeat Calls: by enabling FLS to provide accurate and consistent information

-  Reduce training time and improve training effectiveness: by training FLS on handling actual customer contact scenarios

-  Create a single knowledge repository: which is easily searchable and accessible to all FLS


Spade onDemand: Quality monitoring tool

It helps you:

        -  Measure and analyse quality of service provided by FLS: for both voice and non-voice interactions with            customer

        -  Reduce coaching & training time of FLS: by FLS receiving instant automated feedback

        -  Benchmark: various contact centres and teams of your customer service function


SMART: Data integration and visulalization

       -  Business intellegence for customer experience and back office operations

       -  Build in connectors to aggregate data from any of your data source/db

       -  One single visulalization platform for all your distributed data in the organization

       -  Advance analytics with predictive and what-if analysis

Serve: Asterix based IP-PBX softphone system

       -  Idle of SME for handling both inbound and outbound voice interactions with customers

       -  Integrate with your CRM etc

       -  Manage productivity through its various reports and analysis

       -  Call recordings; call transfer; call conference

       -  Configurable IVR



  • Consultancy: Customer operation designing; Contact reduction; Outsourcing strategy & partner selection; Self service/IVR design and reengineering
  • Interaction quality audits: Assessing the quality of voice and non-voice interactions handled by your contact center by our experienced team of auditors and advnace tools
  • Surveys: Measuring customer advocacy through outbound calling your customers or through our proprietory Email survey engine
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