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Providing Enterprise Level Solutions to the SMB Market

ConnectPlus’ flagship ERM is Enterprise Relationship Management and so much more. ConnectPlus ties nearly every system that you currently use together. In addition to Sales Force Automation (SFA), it can handle contact management, project management, inventory control, project collaboration, customer service and communication, Business Process Optimization (BPO), and more.

ConnectPlus allows customers to define, track and refine all vital processes and use them to assign work to team members via a Ticketing system. The process engine allows for complete flexibility and customization. In addition to defining the steps of the process and a responsible party for each, extensive instructions can be added to ease training and onboarding of new employees.


• Time Tracking
• Asset and Inventory Control
• Email Integration
• Customer Relationship Management
• Marketing Campaigns
• Opportunity Management
• Account Management
• Sales Management
• Interactive Sales Board
• ConnectPlus Wiki
• Document Management & Best Practices
• Team Collaboration
• Customer Service Management
• Not-Profit Management
• Construction Management
• Integrated Etactics IntelliStatement™ Product

What is most important to your organization?
1. Hiring and Training New Employees
2. Visibility into Current Inventory
3. Understanding the Projects, on which employees are working.
4. Government Compliance Issues.
5. Technology and Data Risk.
6. Need for Improved Processes.
7. Productivity Lost from Employee Turnover.
8. Lack of Collaboration between Departments.
9. Limited System Integration.

Customization and Flexibility
ConnectPlus allows all departments the ability to enter projects and populate them with Tickets that represent all of the items that need to completed to ensure success. The flexibility of the process management tools allows every department to get in on the action and lets each of these teams design their own process tailored to fit specific needs.
Project Level Portal
As users enter updates on Tickets related to Projects, the time they spend is captured. As a result, ConnectPlus has all the data necessary to provide advanced reporting on a project level. How much time is being spent on each step of a given process across all Tickets? How much time was spent by each team member on a new initiative? All this and more is at your fingertips with ConnectPlus.
Constant Collaboration
How many times has a project which is vital, but not time sensitive, completely ground to a halt when a key team member goes on vacation? When using email and files saved locally this is sure to happen. ConnectPlus takes all of the collaboration out of each team member’s personal silo and puts it in the cloud where everyone can see, ensuring that progress can continue to flow, even when an unexpected event occurs.
Visual Workflow
Using a Kanban process visualization tool, team members are able to easily view the progress for projects and communicate in a centralized area for cross departmental communication.

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