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Engaging the digital consumer

Better engagement with every interaction

Stories of customer delight are missing the mark. Customers don’t seek delight as a baseline for customer engagement. They want less effort.  Effortless customer engagement removes struggle and frustration.  And it’s available at the convenience of the digital customer. What it all points to is this: If you’ve got bad service, you risk a serious threat to your most important asset - the long-term profitability of your customer base. Bad service undermines everything organizations do to engage and retain existing customers, and it eats away at the stream of future revenue that loyal customers would otherwise add to the enterprise over time. And let’s face it, it doesn’t do much good to your reputation either.

Engaging the digital consumer

While many enterprises have strategic initiatives to improve customer engagement, most are focused primarily on micromanaging disparate channels that create a fractured customer experience (CX) – or on designing intelligent push notification strategies with more targeted messages and personalized ads. But these approaches fail to consider critical moments in the mobile-first experience that, if neglected, will undermine your customer engagement efforts.

Digital changes everything about customer engagement. Can you keep up?

Digital consumers have many choices. They expect to be able to do anything at any time, and this includes having their problems solved right away. Consumers want to interact with whatever device they choose based on what is convenient for them when they need help. It will often be their smartphone, but may be their laptop, desktop, or tablet – depending on where they are and what they are doing when that “moment of need” arises. When that happens, they want their interactions to be quick and easy to complete, and in a way that matches their mobile-first lifestyle and preferences.

Cross-channel, personalized, secure customer engagement

Contact Solutions helps you offer effortless engagement – in both self-service and live agent interactions – at a sustainable cost while adapting quickly to rapidly changing customer demands. Our cloud-based digital and voice customer engagement cloud solutions rely on business intelligence at the core to improve and personalize CX and drive better operational performance. We guarantee our performance and deliver promised results.

  • Voice Self-service: IVR is often the first interaction point a customer has with you, and it needs to reflect on the excellence of your business.
  • Digital Customer Care: In today’s digital world, consumers want to interact with your organization at their convenience in a persistent, contextual manner across your mobile app, your mobile website, and your main website.
  • Personalization Solutions: Delivering a personalized experience in the IVR, every time, based on preference and behaviors, helps build rapport and value and drives efficiencies that benefit your bottom line.
  • Fraud Management: The threat of fraud is very real today for you and your customers, and our proven, proactive multi-layered approach integrated into the IVR keeps your customers secure while our technology identifies and adapts to fraudulent activity.